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This plugin is intended primarily for designers / developers that need to allow clients to preview sites before being available to the general public or to temporarily hide your WordPress site while undergoing major updates.

Any logged in user with WordPress administrator privileges will be allowed to view the site regardless of the settings in the plugin

The behavior of this can be enabled or disabled at any time without loosing any of settings configured in it’s settings pane. However, deactivating the plugin is recommended versus having it activated while disabled.

A list if IP addresses can be setup to completely bypass maintenance mode. This option is useful when needing to allow a client’s entire office to access the site while in maintenance mode without needing to maintain individual access keys.

Access keys work by creating a key on the user’s computer that will be checked against when maintenance mode is active. When a new key is created, a link to create the access key cookie will be emailed to the email address provided. Access can then be revoked either by disabling or deleting the key.

This plugin allows three (3) methods of notifying users that a site is undergoing maintenance:

  1. They can be presented with a message on a page created by information entered into the plugin settings
  2. They can be presented with a custom HMTL page
  3. They can be redirected to a static page. This static page will need to be uploded to the server via
    FTP or some other method. This plugin DOES NOT include any way to upload the static page file.


1. Upload the `wpjf3_maintenance_redirect` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.

2. Activate the plugin through the `Plugins` menu in WordPress.

3. Configure the settings through the `JF Maint Redirect` settings panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1.1 – Updated settings panel issue in WordPress 3.0 and moved folder structure to work properly with WordPress auto install

1.0 – First release. No Changes Yet.